Children's  Choir  Viola  was  founded  20 years  ago  in  Žamberk's  Primary  school. There  are  over  40  children  there  now.

     Activities  and  repertoire  of  this  choir  are  large. We  had  18  concerts  in  Žamberk's  Church  every  year . In 1991  we  welcomed  a  Boy's  Choir  from  Danmark .One year  later  we  were  invited  to visit  Danmark.This  perfomance  was  very successful.

       We were  also  chosen  to take  part  in the  International  Oskarshamn  Festival  in July,1993.Our  activities  and  successes:participation  in  competitions  and  concerts  in many  towns   of  the  Czech  Republic,for  example  in  Prague  (Letenská  vonièka  April,1993).

        In  1993  we  took  part  in  our  local  competition  in Ústí  nad  Orlicí   and  we  were among  the  best  awarded  choirs (certificate  of  merit  called  " Zlaté  pásmo ").We  also represented  our  town  Žamberk  in  German  Senftenberg  in  October  1993.

        In  1994  we  were  invited  by  College  Musique  to  Cuiseaux, France  and  to  Germany  by  Children's  Choirs  to  Tübingen  and  Dietzenbach.

        In  1995  we  were  chosen  to take  part  in  the  International  Festival  in  Arnhem - Holland.

        In  autumn  1996  we were  chosen  to  take  part  in  the  International  Festival  in Athens  Greece.We  were  among  the  best  choirs  there. 

        In 1997  we welcomed  a  Boys´  Choir   Die  Müncher   Chorbuben  from  Germany  and  an  East  Kent  Gir¾s´  Choir  from  Cantebury.

        In 1998    we  were  among  the  best   awarded  choirs  in  our  local  competition (certificate  of  merit  called " Støíbrné  pásmo").  We  were  invited  by East  Kent  Gir¾s  Choir  to  Cantebury.

        In 1999 we  were  invited  by Boys´  Choir   Die  Müncher   Chorbuben  to Germany.

        In 2000 we attended International Festival  in Walldürn ( Germany ).

       Since 2001 our choir has had a friendship with the Italian Choir in Treauta.We visited them in May 2002.

In December 2002 this choir visited our town and took part at Christmas concerts.In 2004 we went to Kosice(Slovakia)and took part in the project EMA (Exhibition of Youth Activities).

Since 2004, 2006 and 2007 we have been taking part at the Advent Concerts in the Old Town Square in Prague.

In 2007 we were invited by Boys´Choirs Dagåelis and Gintarelis and we visited Šiaufiai and Klajpéda in Lithuania. This year we are to celebrate  20 th anniversary of our activity in May.

Our choir has a diverse reportoire.We have old, modern and folk songs in our repertoire.

We have a rehearsal every Wednesday and also two times a month on Saturday.|

Jaromír Žejdlík is a conductor of the choir. He was born in 1964. He is a teacher.